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Le Bateleur/Merci ! Concernant le fait de publier des éalterations privés sans le consensus des intéressés, tu sais peut-être que c’est totalement sickégal.

[two] A scientist, a mathematician, creates a operate…it is mainly an act of resistance… versus the needs of relaxed view… against the whole area of Silly questioning…Creation is resistance…it is production of exaggerations…as well as their existence could be the evidence of their resistance… in opposition to the stupidity and vulgarity… “Abécédaire de Gilles Deleuze, R, Resistance.”

In fiction, a McGuffin is a plot unit in the shape of some purpose, desired object, or other motivator the protagonist pursues, normally with little if any narrative clarification. The particular nature of a MacGuffin is typically unimportant to the overall plot.

Something was lost… the relation towards the First process of knowledge transmission… With this ‘Idiocratic’ put up-capitalist regime … not a soul reads no additional… and language is lowered into a lifestyle commerce… banality and merchandising.

It suits you very well to cry Wolf, when your arrogance in enclosing creation in the back again home of your own private passions, within your little franco-french affairs, are with the origin of the situation.

Contradictorily, the willpower of architecture in some time of now feigns ignorance of this genuine conflict, and concurrently legitimizes Progressively more its identification, or perhaps the illusion of an identification, at a condition of noninvasive, nonsubversive, nonpolemic, nonpolitical repercussions.[fifteen] In this inoffensive demonstration of wallowing inside a cozy postdigital a(e)ffect, hooked on a totemic production,[sixteen] “we” seem to be afraid of the wolf… scared of losing the privileges acquired around a time period when the reason from the few prevailed around the Future of the numerous, sitting squarely inside the fantasy of control: from a disciplinary urbanity, according to the product of psychiatric hospitals, and panoptic prisons as being a model and instrument of city organizing,[17] We have now slipped into an informational program of control, into an entire panoply of watchwords, to consider up Deleuze once again.

Non la Samaritaine n’est pas le problème… c’est de construire le Philarmonique, suite au déni de concours qui devrait en être un (et on tournerait le 2nd opus de Ferreri ‘Touche pas à la femme Blanche’ dans le chantier avorté), c’est le choix du curateur du Pavillon de la Biennale de Venise qui aurait dû en être un, c’est le PLU de Paris et ses passe-droits… qui en est déjà un ….c’est d’ avoir depuis vingt ans préféré le plagia à l’first (J.N. et R.R. en tête de gondole, épigones inclus -voir pavillon de Milan, clone débile de Seville), mais plus encore de l’avoir organisé, orchestré sciemment … avec ses officines de représentations pour faire ‘à la manière de’ ….

The place are classified as the political mechanisms in Rem’s obscenity? The place are fundamental apparatuses, within the origin of the global ‘malentendu’, he self-liked to Participate in with, with literal self-indulgence and a substantial diploma of legal innocence.

This session would be the event to rethink our relation, not in terms of moralist ecology, nor concerning preservation, but rather concerning transaction and of overall body and zone of exchanges…

PROLOGUE / A ghostly emergence amid a jungle… sombre mimicry negotiating the appropriate length… in between flirting and repulsing… feeding and preventing… within a silent war…

Une piste de dance, un « Phase » pour Richard Siegal a Chaillot, entracte de William Forsythe, dans le foyer, pour des performances live….. Spectacle et légèreté mises en abime…chaotiques, cacophoniques…Il semble qu’il se soit passé quelque selected ici… et les murs ne sont pas amnésiques…du temps ou her comment is here le jazz et son corollaire d’acrobaties chorégraphiques, le Lindy Hop, …relégués au statut de truc dégénéré…les murs suintent encore du ralliement de la police Française, en grande pompe pour mettre en area des rafles et l’organisation de la Resolution Finale nazi…sur les lieux même ou Richard Siegal se propose de faire ‘gigoter’ ces pas de danses « Nègres » …mais tout est devenu instable, en déséquilibre, et l’architecture (la ‘’phase’’), guidance de leur jonglerie humaine ne peux additionally porter les corps, elle renvoi l’impulsion du pitre danseur pour mieux le déstabiliser, le désarticuler et lui faire perdre pied, littéralement… la ‘’Stage’’ et la tentation de son effondrement,…ici, il n’y a plus de logique à la gravité, le sol se dérobe, les choses et les êtres vacillent… ça s’appelle le Palais de Chaillot, et la bourgeoisie Parisienne y est invitée pour ripailler /,…

Architecture today is shifting, or drifting, during the pure logic and technique of shaping, wherever fabrication, expertise, performance, and computation are getting to be substitutes for that logic of the raison d’être. Such as the car or truck firm creating cars, the place a particular social Firm has been developed to deal with creation with out diagnosing the structural and human alienation produced by that program, the willpower of architecture goes back again to its individual ghetto, setting up at the same time an effectiveness and legitimacy of knowledge from evaluation and abilities, which gather and focus on a superior degree of professionalism .

Exactly what are we referring to below? A cultural and museological endeavor introduced 15 yrs in the past whose mission was to rewrite background, specially the radicality with the heroic publish-war decades – marked by architects like Ionel Schein and Yona Friedman – right up until the oil crisis and also the postmodern response set an conclusion to that chapter. Their temporary was alluring, and historical function more essential than ever before to battle the willful blindness of the facility-and-thought structure that experienced unceasingly disregarded them within the nineteen nineties. That perform was well completed, aside from one thing, and no little matter it absolutely was: The architecture and also the architects ended up stripped of all their combativeness and friction in the face of their Culture, from it and as A part of it, and all that was retained was the cultural and instrumental dimension (see exhibition at the Pompidou Centre [five.

I’ve to respond… sorry to generally be the 1st but Everyone is pondering perhaps the very same….on his own…about you..boy

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